Principals Message
We, at Neehar Meera National Senior Secondary School are committed for the holistic development of the students .Our main concern is to nurture such qualities in students which may enable them to grow into responsible citizens of the nation.In this age of technological advancements, our aim is also to sensitise all the students towards environmental awareness,so that so grim a situation like present Pandemic COVID-19 does not arise again.Values for which India is known all over the world, such as Empathy, Truthfulness Honesty, Devotion to Duty, Sincerity, Family Values, Brotherhood, Integrity etc. are firmly rooted amongst all the Students. Well maintained library of the school justifies the Motto : Knowledge is Power. Pollution free and lush green campus adds to the serenity of the place. Students at Neehar Meera National Sr Sec School celebrate the spirit of Childhood and adolescence entwined with knowledge and wisdom.

Mrs. Kalplata Chandrahas