About School
We invite you to the calm and serene environment of Neehar Meera National Senior Secondary School , awayfrom the hum-drum of city at Kwarsi - Etah Bye Pass, Kyampur (Near Ozone City) Aligarh. The students are here to develop their personality in the best creative way. They are the maker of their own destiny. They can be what they want to be by their strong will, dedication, hard and systematic work. it is the age of scientific and technological advancement. Here you will find unique blending of modernity with stream of Indian culture. You being the future Citizens of India and Important Individuals of the world, have to share this responsibility and develop your personality in the best possible way. There is none like you in the whole world, dear students! but you have to make a way of your own with your courage, strength, dedication, perseverance and systematic work culture.