Chairmans Message
I believe that India has to make her significant contribution
in the new emerging scientific world culture by way of its
ideological consciousness, practical attitude and action.
We have to develop our cosmic personality and cosmic
perspective of our life in totality and we have to develop total
integrated cosmic vision of life in order to solve the problems
of war, pollution and terrorism in totality.
The Reimbibing of cosmic consciousness in all the human
beings, eradicating wars, terrorism and eliminating pollution
are the key points of my philosophy of Human Cosmosism.
The students have also to reimbibe Cosmic Consciousness in
totality and to develop their Cosmic personality. They have to
get acquainted with concept of Cosmic Education as well in
this institute.
Dear students
You have to be sincere, hard working and must have high aims.
Be respectful to your elders and teachers and give brotherly
treatment to other students and friends. Our best wishes for
your program and success.
The behaviour of the parents must be psychological and
healthy towards their wards in order to develop his/her
 personality in a scientific way. Regularity of students in
classes is mandatory.
Each and every student must endeavour to keep up the high
standard of the school by cultivating good manners and
discipline. He/she must, therefore, be polite and courteous
in speach as well as cultured in behaviour.
" Love is the cosmic language
The music of cosmic nature
goes in our heart with our blood "
- Prof.B.S. Neehar

Late Professor B.S.Neehar